How do Car Accident Insurance Work

Most car accident insurance policies say you must notify the insurer of any accident. This is called "disclosure obligations". Notifying the insurer also allows you to file a claim later if the damage costs more than you think.

If you have insurance, notify the insurer of the accident as soon as possible after the accident. This is important even if you choose not to bring a claim against your insurance.

There are different levels of insurance coverage. You can only be insured against damage to vehicles. And property belonging to other people This is called liability insurance.

Comprehensive car accident insurance policies also cover damage to the vehicle. In most cases, you'll have to pay some money. This is called excess. The amount to be paid depends on the insurance policy.

The type of protection depends on what the insurance policy says. Always read the rules carefully before signing. And ask if there is something you do not understand.

If someone was injures:

Personal injury insurance is included in the vehicle registration cost. And is managed by the Transportation Accident Commission. It is a government organization that covers the costs of treating people injured in a car accident. If the driver was drunk or affected by drugs

Usually, the insurance policy excludes a driver who was:

  • exceeding the driving limit
  • drug impact
  • who refused to undergo drug or alcohol tests.

Other illegal behavior. such as when a driver drove a vehicle without a driving license or participated in a speed race, may also mean that

Covered by the policy

  • If you or another driver has no insurance
  • Property insurance is not compulsory.
  • If the accident was your fault

If you are not insured and the accident was your fault. The co-driver insurance company will try to recover the money for the damage. If you don't pay your debt, your insurance company may sue you.

If the other driver has no insurance, the other driver may sue you for compensation. The Community Legal Center can help you. See Get help. If the car accident was not your fault.

you must decide whether to sue the other driver for compensation. Ask for a quote to find out how much it costs to repair your vehicle.

Taking the other party to court can be expensive, and if the driver has no job, no assets or money. It can be difficult to get the money back even if you win. The court may also decide that both parties were partly guilty.

Another way to get money is to try mediation. The Dispute Resolution Center. Can help you discuss this with the other party and reach an agreement.
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