What Are Types Common Car Accident Injuries

Did you know? 30-60 million people get injured or disabled every year in traffic accidents?

If you've ever had a car accident, you know how scary and shocking it can be. but do you know the most common car injuries you need to watch out for?

Also, do you know what you need after participating in an accident?

1. Head injuries

Head injuries in accidents can range from mild to severe. Depending on the person and head position.

Although some head injuries are minor. Some can be life-threatening and should never be underestimated.

For example, in the case of minor damage. a collision with a window or steering wheel can lead to simple injuries that cause more than a tumor or bruise.

But, a serious collision or rollover of the car can lead to a serious concussion or damage to the brain tissue.

At first, head injuries can be difficult to diagnose. They can only feel a slight headache.

But, whenever you suspect a head injury. You should always undergo a full medical examination. To rule out any possible problems.

2. Broken bones

A broken bone occurs when the physical force acting on the bone has more force than the actual bone. Simple bone fractures refer to bone fractures without open wounds. But, complex fractures penetrate the skin.

If you have a broken bone, you know about it. You won't be able to move parts of your body (because it's going to hurt a lot). The doctor should be able to provide timely assessment and diagnosis.

3. Back injuries

Spinal injuries, especially spinal cord injuries, are common after serious traffic accidents. Serious damage can cause paralysis of the body. But, lighter damage can cause problems such as herniated discs.

Like head injuries, back injuries are not always obvious. But, a thorough investigation is needed after the accident.

4. Spine

A stroke of the spine is a common trauma that occurs when the neck is subjected to sharp movements back and forth. This applies to accidents where the driver is canceled. Typical symptoms include neck stiffness, pain, and headaches.

The pain in the spine can be felt only the next day or two after the accident. Most people who experience a spinal injury feel better after a few weeks. But, in severe cases, the pain can persist for months or years.

5. Psychological Trauma

Although they may be invisible. Psychological traumas can occur after a traumatic event, such as a car accident.

Some people may develop an aversion or a phobia of driving. Others may experience deep depression. Especially if other passengers have been injured or died.

If you are struggling with an increased feeling of anxiety or depression. Seeking help from a therapist for professional. Help can provide you with the support you need for treatment.

What if you are injured in an accident?

Understanding the common injuries caused. a car accident can help you understand what to do in the event of an accident. It also reminds you to be aware of the symptoms and to see a doctor as soon as possible.

If you are in an accident that has led to injuries. The first thing you need to do is to undergo a full medical examination.

The correct diagnosis will provide adequate control and treatment of the injury. Depending on the type of injury he has undergone, the treatment he has undergone may be as simple as using ice. Heat, or rest until recovery.

The most serious injuries may need physical treatment or surgery
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